To be human is to grow in connection. In connection with ourselves. With each other. With nature. This is the way of Dreamfish. To work like humans. Yet perhaps you can relate to this experience – in work, I have often felt alone, forgetting the love and support around. Forgetting my connectedness. If I only reached out to ask for help. 

To be of mutual support to each other, please join in spreading the new Dreamfish message, “Connected, we grow”. I am connecting to you from Nairobi, Kenya, from Dreamfish Place, a new home for Dreamfishers, where folks are gathering now to connect to grow. And, we still have a lot more to do. Please join me in opening Dreamfish Place Nairobi, the first of many open collaboration retreat homes in the world. A place where we connect to our humanity, bridge between global and local, online and face-to-face, and liberate our growth as humans.

At Dreamfish Place, folks gather for leadership retreats and workshops. Women and youth gather to ask “What am I doing with this precious life?”. Dreamfishers gather to work and learn together in a spirit of service. The place financially and spiritually supports all of us to connect, to grow.

Our Connection Goal is to warm the place up with YOUR cozy awesomeness, wherever you are!! Our Growth Goal is to raise $15,000 by July 24th. You can contribute in many ways! Watch the videos. Read our story. Share the link. Write a comment. Book a retreat, sponsor your favorite group for a retreat, sponsor a women or youth social entrepreneur or contribute a few bucks to build Dreamfish.

I dearly thank you for all that you do to connect. Connected, we grow.


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