Hi friends, I am appealing to you for connection.

A Dreamfish member asked me yesterday, “what is Dreamfish? Why are we doing this? Why did you start Dreamfish?”, And I realized I had been disconnecting and not sharing my love, in the exhaustive scramble of finding resources to keep us going. So, I want to stop that behavior. Breathe. Reach out to you. And tell you why Dreamfish matters to me.

What makes my heart sing is people, coming to life. Developing growthful environments where people empower themselves to do their dreams. Moving from isolated experiences of self to passionate “yes, i can!” use of self. Dreamfish facilitates growth through connection – this is the heartbeat of Dreamfish.

But, what drove me to starting Dreamfish is experiencing people’s suffering – People who don’t fit inside a box determined by institutions, giving up on themselves, their dreams, in order to survive. And forget what it feels like to thrive. If for example, you are a senior professional who can’t find a consulting project, the micro-enterprise development model wasn’t designed to serve you. If you are starting a new kind of organization, no go. If you are young, live in a developing country and your lifework is in fuzzy exploration, tough going. Isolated and disconnected, we don’t grow.

Dreamfish’s aim is to connect us up to generate our own development practices in community. Connected, we free up the brilliant abundant value among us. Connected, we become aware and choiceful with the tons of creativity and skills among us.

One of my biggest personal challenges is that I disconnect when I am in pain, tired, and in fear. But, really, I know the thing to do is to connect. Maybe you can relate? Many of us are working on personal dreams, ie startups, finding jobs, and such, and have trouble finding time to help others. Yet, if we all show up and serve as support systems for each other, we can each go much farther! Disconnection is vicious cycle. But, so is connection! When we feel inspired and energized in our community, we connect more. So, I am connecting now with you.

Connection is the first step.

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