Community Art as Culture Change Method

This is an example of how community art serves in culture change. The client was the International Society for Systems Science.Installation 2: Sound of systems
The goal was to enable scientists to develop collaborative capacity as a network organization, and to develop a shared awareness and language of “sustainability, democracy and complexity”. Our team of facilitators included systems scientists from the leadership team. During a 50th annual meeting, over four days, hundreds of systems scientists engaged in three interactive art installations of visual art, sound, and physical movement. Then, on day four, the scientists expressed the emergent themes (about sustainability, democracy and complexity) from their collective art-based inquiry in a collaborative performance. The performance started indoors, moved outdoors in a processional walk, a meditative spiral. It culminated in a celebratory group circle with improvisational music.

A large number of photos of this project are available here.

Performance as Design Method

In this project, a group of software developers collaboratively developed a performance as a means to design Customer Experience. This project enabled them to develop shared understanding of the needs of the users of the social software they were developing, and secondly, develop their own capacity as a team to collaborate effectively. (Dreamfish, Nairobi, Kenya)

Video ethnography

Below is an example of how video has been used as a method to aesthetically express initial findings in a research project in a way that foregrounds physicality. The subject of the research is about the wisdom of the body in leadership development. The research method was a Cooperative Inquiry, which is a participatory research method. The co-researchers were four experienced consultants, each with decades of experience in applying body-oriented methods, including dance, theater and physical therapy to leadership development. We met for via skype across multiple timezones in this project (Frankfurt, San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago, Denver)

Embodied Leadership: A Cooperative Inquiry from Tiffany von Emmel on Vimeo.