A coaching engagement addresses one or more of the following:

  • Develop self-care skills
  • Clarify and align values and behavior
  • Develop skillful ways to approach the unknown, and unknowable
  • Connect across differences
  • Mobilize diversity to enable high performance and innovation
  • Strengthen interpersonal skills, ie feedback and empathy, to develop high-functioning relationships
  • Build mindfulness and self-regulation skills in order to manage the stress of complex demanding situations
  • Develop self-compassion, confidence, and capacity to influence 
  • Increase self-awareness, expanding range of emotions, physical responses, and mental models
  • Creatively turn a painful situation into a meaningful opportunity


Private sessions are available for as a coaching engagement, a psycho-educational approach, which usually includes these components: A) Creating our partnership B) The development of goals for coaching. C) Using a self-assessment tool to increase self-awareness, create a baseline for learning and develop a focused development plan. D) Micro-practices in everyday life to build skills and behaviors E) Regular one-on-one sessions, which supports one to advance the individual’s developmental goals through reflection, inquiry, receiving feedback, and guidance in mindfulness and somatic practices.