Through consulting, we serve as creative partners to key stakeholders in complex dynamic organizations, networks and communities. We advance your organizational goals through developing with you unique interventions. Following are our engagement areas and our service areas.

Engagement areas:

  • Developing leadership capability for resilience, innovation, collaboration and sustainability in complex contexts
  • Enabling collaboration, difficult conversations and conflict resolution across difference, ie. culture, sector, socio-economic, gender, ethnicity, orientation, and generational
  • Culture change towards resilience, innovation, collaboration and sustainability
  • Mobilizing power and innovation at the margins

Areas of expertise:

  • Leadership development program design and delivery
  • Practitioner development for facilitators, consultants and coaches
  • Developing in-house coaching programs
  • Mindfulness
  • Self-Compassion
  • Social-emotional skills
  • Building resilient relationships
  • Interpersonal and group dynamics
  • Embodied leadership learning
  • Systems thinking
  • Design thinking
  • Group methods:¬†Participatory group methods, Arts-based group inquiry
  • Performance ethnography

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