Global Leadership Development (GLD) is a field which focuses on the development of competencies and skills necessary to facilitate change in a demanding, rapidly-moving, complex system.

The global leadership gap

“According to one survey of senior executives, 76 percent believe their organizations need to develop global-leadership capabilities, but only 7 percent think they are currently doing so very effectively. And some 30 percent of US companies admit that they have failed to exploit fully their international business opportunities because of insufficient internationally competent personnel.”   McKinsey

Companies are investing in the development of global managers and recruiting for global leadership competencies. In a survey of nearly 1,200 senior business and HR executives from more than 40 countries:

“Organizations worldwide—public, private and government—are increasingly focused on bringing effective global leadership development to their workforces, and there’s now a shrinking tolerance for lack of results… “Companies want to ensure that employees master the global skills and competencies required to work optimally with customers, suppliers, colleagues, and distributors from a wide variety of cultures anywhere in the world.” – Sandi Edwards, Senior Vice President for American Management Association –

Educating for global leadership

Dr. Joyce Osland provides an excellent overview of global leadership education in this presentation.

Seminars in global leadership

Below are Dr. Tiffany von Emmel’s recent seminars.

Dancing with the Power of Privilege: a global leadership lab

Organization Development Network Conference 2013
A Day-long Workshop

An experiential workshop for leaders and consultants across all sectors, the workshop applied contemplative practices, physical theater and dialogue to study our own use of self as influencers of change.

Global Leadership Lab
Tiffany von Emmel, PhD

Fielding Graduate University

San Francisco Bay Area
October, 2013

Leadership in the 21st century calls for competency in collaboration across differences. Culture, ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status, history, religion, sexual orientation, and learning styles are a few of these differences. In this dynamic Use of Self workshop, we will immerse ourselves in experiential activities in which we will practice and reflect on our feelings, thoughts, sensations and behavior, our interpersonal dynamics and group dynamics. We will practice compassionate presence, honoring needs for belonging and feeling valued, appreciating risk-taking. Our learning goals for the day:

  • learn facilitation techniques that shift power dynamics towards collaboration
  • discover ways of interacting that neither dominate, nor subordinate
  • practice resilience in moments of micro-aggression
  • critically engage the concept of “Use of Self” with respect to current research in global leadership studies and social psychology


Dreamfish Nairobi Story

Tiffany von Emmel, PhD
St Mary’s College, Leadership Studies Program

The Collabriv is a six-month training for next generation global leaders, in which participants from around the world come together to work in SFBay area social ventures, while earning a Global Leadership Certificate through St. Mary’s College Leadership Center. As a guest, Dr von Emmel gave this presentation about her leadership learning journey as the founder and CEO of Dreamfish, a global social enterprise, based in Nairobi, Kenya.