Why Coaching

Our individual coaching engagement addresses one or more of the following:

  • Build care-giving capacity by developing self-care skills
  • Clarify and align values and behavior
  • Develop skillful ways to approach the unknown, and unknowable
  • Connect across differences
  • Mobilize diversity to enable high performance and innovation
  • Strengthen interpersonal skills, ie feedback and empathy, to develop high-functioning relationships
  • Build mindfulness and self-regulation skills in order to manage the stress of complex demanding situations
  • Develop self-compassion, confidence, and capacity to influence 
  • Increase self-awareness, expanding range of emotions, physical responses, and mental models
  • Creatively turn a painful situation into a meaningful opportunity

How Coaching works

Our coaching engagements usually includes these components: A) Creating our partnership  B) The development of your goals for coaching. C) A self-assessment tool to increase self-awareness, create a baseline for learning and develop a focused development plan. D) Practices in everyday life to build skills and behaviors. E) Regular one-on-one sessions, which supports one to advance the individual’s developmental goals through reflection, inquiry, receiving feedback, and guidance in mindfulness and somatic practices.

What Coaching looks like

First session: In our first session, we will clarify the initial goals of our engagement, the structure of our sessions, and how we will work together. These details will be outlined in an engagement letter.

Assessment: We often will encourage a client to start our coaching engagement with an assessment tool which provides you with an analytical framework to help you increase self-awareness and shape your developmental goals.

Sessions: As a best practice, new clients are encouraged to commit to a minimum of three months of coaching. Sessions can be structured as weekly 45 minute sessions or bi-weekly 90 minute sessions (one session, every other week).  After the initial three months, one can shift to ongoing coaching or monthly intensive sessions.

Activities between sessions:  On a regular basis, you will receive learning material and activity worksheets that further support your developmental goals.

Monthly intensive sessions:  Monthly sessions are 90 minutes in length.

Location: Virtual or In person

We can meet in person or virtually via skype video, or by phone.


Rates are subject to a sliding scale, based on individual situation, country, sector and organization.