PageLines- marctognotticirclecloseup.pngDr. Marc Tognotti specializes in large-group, multi-stakeholder process design and facilitation to support the achievement of highly-complex tasks at the level of the whole system. Marc assists government agencies, organizations and communities in engaging large, diverse groups – even where there are diverse  cultures, agendas and histories of conflict – to innovate, plan and act collaboratively. Marc engages diverse stakeholders in an appreciative mode to discover shared vision and common ground, enlisting energies typically wasted in conflict as resources available in service to all. Marc has worked all around the world at international, state, municipal and neighborhood levels, in a variety of fields — including environmental remediation, toxic waste, housing, homelessness, agriculture, urban planning and grassroots community empowerment.
Working with the United Nations Environmental Programme and the City of San Francisco, Marc co-designed and facilitated a process that engaged the mayors of the world’s 70 largest and most environmentally-innovative cities in developing the United Nations Global Environmental Accords, the world’s first international agreement among cities. Working in the complex arena of California water policy, Marc assisted the California State Water Quality Control Board in engaging all stakeholder groups in revamping a major environmental cleanup program and creating a new statewide cleanup manual.
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Marc trains students at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and University of San Francisco School of Law in leadership, emotional intelligence and the dynamics of high-performing groups. He regularly serves in the role as leadership coach to his clients.
As a special consultant to the Tikva Grassroots Empowerment Fund, Marc oversees grantmaking to over a dozen communities in Southern Africa, where he is now collaborating an effort to establish a nature conservancy in the Mpika region of Zambia.
Marc received his Ph.D. from Stanford University, where he pursued a highly interdisciplinary course of studies in modern thought and literature. He wrote his dissertation on the history and philosophy of American democracy, making a case for a new style of participatory governance.

Current Positions:

Co-Executive Director, Institute of the Commons
Adjunct Faculty, University of San Francisco School of Law
Facilitator, Interpersonal Dynamics Program, Stanford University Graduate School of Business
Managing Consultant, Southern Africa Portfolio, Tikva Grassroots Empowerment Fund