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Pien van den Herik specializes in designing and delivering leadership development programming that empowers collaboration capacity-building within a network of leaders, where there is a high degree of diversity on multiple levels. As the principal consultant to Stanford GSB alumnae’s Women’s Circle initiative, she has played a key role in the start up and roll out of a national network of  Stanford GSB alumni women’s circles who meet on a monthly basis to inspire, reflect, and connect with each other, as well as creating a growing community of thriving GSB women.

At Stanford Graduate School of Business, Pien serves as a senior facilitator, mentoring new facilitators in the Interpersonal Dynamics course, and for the Women in Management Program. She teaches at USF’s School of Law coaching future lawyers on effective communication, conflict resolution, giving feedback, non- verbal communication and diversity skills.

A Wellness Coach, Pien has over 25 years experience in healthcare, both in the Netherlands and in the USA. In hospitals, public agencies, private clinics, she has been a manager, a business entrepreneur, an employee and a consultant. Pien has extensive experience in coaching both future business leaders at Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Pien is certified as a Wellness Coach. She holds a graduate degree in Organizational Psychology, John F Kennedy University, and a B.A. in Physical Therapy from the Academy for Physical Therapy, Rotterdam, Netherlands.